Why work with The Voice Advisory, Voice Coach

Our Story
12 years ago Lucy Cornell completed a rigorous five year training in voice... which frankly, was not for the faint-hearted.


Lucy's training with Kristin Linklater, one of the world's leading Master voice teacher, had been a revelation.

The heart of her learning was that we are born with a voice that can precisely express what we need at any moment. What power this is for anyone who is unable to find their voice, either personally or professionally.

So, in 2003, Lucy decided to bridge the performance and business worlds and seek to change the world with inspired speaking.

Lucy has now developed her own methodology. She translates the techniques of performance for business professionals globally.

And she gives power back to people who are voiceless in their community through numerous various pro bono projects.

Our Distinction
Making the world’s leading techniques in voice and performance palatable for business professionals. 


We understand the speaking demands across business sectors and organisational structures.

We work with your voice responsibly, accountably and strategically.

Our team has had rigorous training in voice, performance and teaching technique, global experience and has a compassionate, candid and intuitive approach

Our Belief
A free, expressive voice is your birthright. 


As our voices get cultured and civilised, we lose touch with this birthright.  As adults, our voices are far from their natural, expressive capability.  We hold back our ideas and feelings.  We forget our ability to easily express our innate wisdom.  What we hear is a smaller version that what is possible.

The truth is: the literal sound of your voice impacts how you are perceived in your world.

Our Mandate
You've already earned a right to speak. The question is what are you doing with it?



The Voice Advisory seeks to change the world with inspirational speaking.

When you are in contact with your expressive voice, you have the power for real change in your self, your business, your community, your world.

The Voice Advisory support executives to be heard clearly and powerfully by developing their presence, credibility, persuasive power and confidence to be authentic, visionary leaders.