The Voice of Resilience

By Chris Koch - Lead Voice Consultant at The Voice Advisory (formally Voice Coach)


Resilience is being embraced by the top end of business, and it’s inextricably linked to employee voice.   

This interview with Dr Monique Crane, Lecturer in Organisational Psychology at Macquarie University and editor of new publication Managing for Resilience looks at how to give your people tools to assist them to better weather storms. We like her emphasis on short, daily, regenerating breaks.

Crane also points out that resilience is a system, and in organisations this means involvement by managers, individuals, and organisational structures – it is not a fixed individual personality trait we have or don't have. It is definitely not about being so tough and problem-free that we don’t need anyone else. It’s about improving, where possible, our ability to live and work in the flow of whatever comes our way.  It’s about lifting everyone up.

A free voice is a cornerstone of resilience, and at difficult times, likely to result in an individual having their needs met. A healthy flow of ideas, information and updates, allows the conversation to be alive and ongoing, rather than stuck in the past. Physically, freedom of voice is all about freedom of breath. At a moment-to-moment level, each breath is new, and replenishes not only our ability to make sound vibrations, but our intellectual energy, clarity and decision making. A speaker who is sensitive to the needs of the audience is able to adapt and change in response, to live in the act of speaking, and to sustain their own engagement throughout.

Healthy voice in your organisation requires permission for and the ability of all its people to speak up, keep ideas moving, communicate issues arising, and to inspire each other. 

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