Christina Koch
Lead Voice Consultant

Christina Koch Voice consultant The Voice Advisory Voice Coach

'Christina is extremely gifted and helped me improve my presentation skills.  Her multi-level intelligence beautifully compliments her fantastic ability to work with her clients. She is warm, positive, and helped me discover my ‘blind spots’ during voice coaching sessions.'
Sandeep Khera, General Manager, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Christina Koch Voice consultant The Voice Advisory Voice Coach

'Piercingly accurate'
Mark McKechnie
Barrister Australia

Christina Koch Voice consultant The Voice Advisory Voice Coach

'I really enjoyed my coaching with Chris and found it very valuable.  It felt like magic as I realized I could communicate with more confidence and understanding, but I know it was due to her great skill and experience.’
Sally Palmer, Deputy General Counsel, ASX


Biography Highlights

Global Business Trainer
- Experienced consultant for business clients across industry and seniority with The Voice Advisory
- Voice and performance coach on the Australian Bar Association's Advanced Trial Advocacy Intensive
- Director for judges (including Queensland’s then Chief Justice Paul de Jersey) and silks in productions for Queensland Law Week annually

- Voice consultant for advocate training programs run by the Singapore Law Society and the Singapore Attorney General’s Department.

Kuala Lumpur
- Business and English as second language clients

- 1 of 200 certified Linklater voice teachers in the world

- Postgraduate Certificate in Voice Studies (Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne Univ.)

- A Bachelor of Arts (University of Queensland) 
Certified Editor for QUT's Faculty of Law

- Cambridge Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language (Academia Lacunza-International House, San Sebastian, Spain)

Global Education
- Shakespeare and Company, USA
- Practical Aesthetics acting technique
- Fitzmaurice voice work
- Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed
- Suzuki actor training

Favourite teaching moment
Work for the Crime and Misconduct Commission Queensland, directly developing script for host, Kerry O’Brien.