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The Voice Advisiory in the Sydney Morning Herald

from “Presence Can Be a Gift” by Ann Marie Moodie in My Career

Presence isn’t necessarily to do with height - it’s more to do with the energy that you have.

Cornell defines ‘energy’ as being ‘the ability to have your inner strength experienced.

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The quality of presence required by a C Level Executive when speaking in a boardroom to investors, or from a stage, is distinct and specific. It is a sophisticated skill requiring more than technical knowledge. It requires an ability to persuade and enrol: to hold court, leverage relationships and engender trust.

Successful Executives understand how to stay empowered while navigating high stakes, they manage competing agendas calmly and deliver their message succinctly and inspirationally.

In our experience, it is quite common for senior leaders to feel ill-equipped for the energetic demands of the boardroom or high stakes communications. Typically, senior leaders move through their earlier career trading on their intellectual and technical knowledge. Once in a position of senior leadership, they discover that they cannot rely on this alone.