Develop the Voices in Your Business

C-Level & Executives

  • Influential investor relations

  • Have a voice of a leader

  • Sound compelling

Diverse Voices

  • Be empowered to speak

  • Know the vocal rules in business

  • Ensure your voice is at the table

Career Transition

  • Own your right to the next level

  • Prepare for interviews

  • Be heard as 'one of them'

Court Advocates

  • Persuade with your voice

  • Be respected in court

  • Have a competitive advantage

The Voice Advisory Consulting Mehtodology Voice Coach
The Voice Advisory Consulting Methodology and Voice Coaching


Measure, train & support the voices in your business for stronger influence, impact & return on investment.

Your voice in business strongly influences the success of deals, negotiations and strategy.

However, our 10 year experience proves that many voices in business are frozen, blocked or withdrawn,resulting in an underutilization of intellectual capital and ‘hidden voices’ in the business.

  • Unearth neglected voices and hidden intellectual capital

  • Identify chronic organizational influence issues

  • Measure the strength and breadth of speaking influence in the business

  • Develop the speaking capital in your business

  • Recommend steps to build stronger voices of influence into the business

The Voice Advisory Consulting Benefits

Be heard  •  Speak with power when it matters  •  Articulate your message clearly  •  Dynamically sell your story  •  Speak with courage, gravitas and passion   •  Have presence   •  Build confidence  •  Be compelling  •  Instill trust  •  Develop relaxation, breath, voice and energy  •  Prepare for the moment of speaking  •  Command respect in high stakes speaking  •  Give high potential talent a voice in the business  •  Lead cultural change with a voice of leadership and strength