Find your voice of Influence.



  • Personalized one on one diagnosis and feedback
  • In depth and tailored skills for transformational learning
  • Integration of learned skills to your real time business speaking events
  • Training delivered in conversation with the business sponsor
  • Session skills increase in stakes to develop speaking confidence
  • Assessment reporting

Examine the voice
of the business, 
the team and the individual within the team.




  • Examine common communication issues among the team
  • Be heard by influential business stakeholders during the workshop
  • Ample practical take away to implement immediately after training
  • Network and bond with colleagues
  • An intensive, safe learning environment
  • Build a common vocabulary in the team for ongoing support


Voice Coach Program Benefits

Be heard  •  Speak with power when it matters  •  Articulate your message clearly  •  Dynamically sell your story  •  Speak with courage, gravitas and passion   •  Have presence   •  Build confidence  •  Be compelling  •  Instill trust  •  Develop relaxation, breath, voice and energy  •  Prepare for the moment of speaking  •  Command respect in high stakes speaking  •  Give high potential talent a voice in the business  •  Lead cultural change with a voice of leadership and strength