A Cornell Voice Advisory Imperative:
To strategically develop diverse voices in business.

Our daily experience is that diverse voices are still battling to have their voice heard at the table. Dominant codes of communication still overbear and dominant voices are still favoured.

We partner with business functions as well as Diversity and Inclusion initiatives within businesses to strategically raise diverse voices in the business and industry.

Our point of difference is that we engage key business stakeholders to champion and assimilate diverse communication styles into business.

Over our program praticipants will:

- Work with a small group both as a team and individually
- Nominate stakeholders to champion their voice in the business
- Understand the vocal rules in the business
- Learn how their voice is received
- Develop skills to navigate being heard in the business
- Speak with entitlement and power
- Expand their voice and presence when speaking
- Actively seek opportunities to speak and be heard as a voice of influence in the business and the industry


Our D & I Clients