Measuring how your people affect the bottom line
when they speak

The voices in your business are the collective articulation of its intellectual capital, which when voiced well can win deals, negotiate agreements and drive strategy.

However, for many reasons people’s voices may be frozen, blocked or withdrawn, resulting in an underutilisation of this intellectual capital and ‘hidden voices’ in the business.


  • Unearth neglected voices and hidden intellectual capital
  • Identify chronic organizational influence issues
  • Measure the strength & breadth of speaking influence in the business
  • Recommend steps for more influential voices in the business


1. Understanding our Consulting Methodology




2. Survey Methodology

6 Parameters.png


3. The Ring of Influence Model



4. Presentation of the Results


On the Ring of Influence

Across the 6 parameters

6 distinction graphic.png

By grouping
eg: Gender



 5. The Survey



6. Presentation of Results
The Dynamic Dashboard



7. The Printable Report